Books have never been so much fun to talk about, here at the You Heard It Here First Podcast Network. Join Brittany and Danielle as they talk all things books in their array of shows you can check out. There is a show for everyone’s tastes! Expect humor (Brittany has a FANTASTIC laugh), literary snobbery (from Danielle), and snarky conversations from the You Heard It Here First Podcast Network.


Co-host of Books as Bad as Twilight and the host of Lost in a Book, Brittany self-identifies as a lover of "brain candy." An accountant with hardly any literary background, she has strong opinions that are not always right, but continues to defend them vigorously.


Co-host of the Books as Bad as Twilight podcast and host of Literary Cuisine, Danielle is the literary snob of the network. By day she works in marketing; by night she spends most of her time creating a magazine about story in video games called Level Story.


The permanent guest host on Books as Bad as Twilight, Tatyana is not a morning person but she gets up early just to record with Brittany and Danielle! When she isn't reading, you may find her out for some delicious brunch or playing one of the Tomb Raider games.


Lost in a Book

Books carry different meaning to different people. Join Brittany as she interviews various people about their favorite books and why they are so important to them. Occasionally, Brittany will even read books and short stories for your listening pleasure.


Literary Cuisine

A good book can be as delectable as a good meal. At least, that is Danielle's philosophy. Join her as she talks about the literary goodness she has feasted upon, the rot she had to spit out, and everything in between. And of course, Danielle will also talk about food...

Books as Bad as Twilight

Although they are bad books, the Twilight saga has unfairly taken the brunt of criticism to which books just as bad have remained unscathed. On this humorous (and sometimes insightful) show, Danielle and Brittany aim to point out where other books fall astray just as the Twilight saga books.